Welcome, welcome..

Sunday, October 13, 2013

...and yes, welcome again to my nice shiny new blog and website!

It's here that I can update you on my current projects, of which I have two - the sequel to Shadowland, which has a writing title of Uther, and book three in the Griffin series... which has no writing title yet, it's just 'book three!'

This is also where you can read a bit about my current books, why I wrote them and how they got started, and I've also put the prologue or first chapter on each book page so you can take a 'sneak peak!'

Chaos Storm will be out on Kindle next week and to help launch it, I'm making book one FREE on 16th,17th & 18th October!

So welcome to my blog, a million thanks to the wonderful Adriana Haganu for designing the blog and new book covers, you're awesome Adi!

Here is the new cover for The Flight of the Griffin once again, if you haven't done so already, please read and review!


  1. Hi Chris!
    Cool site! Adriana did a great job. I found you on Book Blogs and sent you a friend request. I'm following you on G+ and Twitter. You can find me at http://adriennereiter.blogspot.com.
    Good Connecting!

  2. Have read all your books which are thoroughly enjoyable. Looking forward to Chaos Storm and Uther. It was great to discover your blog (which is beautifully designed) and read your profile which was very approachable and I was able to obtain more of the author/the man behind the books. Reading about how you started to get ideas for each book gave greater insight into how you approach your writing and will make the next in the series even better.

  3. Thanks so much Karen, Chaos Storm is out on Kindle today and it will be another week or so to see it in paperback.
    Uther, the sequel to Shadowland, is in its early chapters but I'll be sure to keep the blog updated on its progress!