News Flash! - Bartholomew Bask Agrees to an Interview!!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bartholomew Bask
pictured recently outside
 Blake's Inn

*The Freyan Times*

 After much pursuit and considerable persuasion, Bartholomew Bask, senior merchant of Freya has finally agreed to an exclusive interview with The Freyan Times. Will we finally get some insight into the blustering secrecy that has recently surrounded the life of one of this cities most senior tradesmen? What is his connection with known felon and fugitive Matheus Hawk? Is Mr Bask connected to the disappearance of one of the King's fighting ships? And did he really seek the deaths of a group of young vagrants?

Watch this space in the coming weeks as we try to unravel these questions and more and attempt to find out just who Mr Bask really is and what his connection might possibly be to a number of unsavory events played out both here and in Sterling Port.

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