A Question: Remain exclusive to Amazon or sell all over the net?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Here’s a question for authors out there that I’m sure many of us are pondering.
The question is... Should I remain exclusive to Amazon KDP select, the biggest marketplace in the world for digital books… or should I leave select and also be selling through Smashwords and other sites?

I have three books published on Amazon at the moment with a total of 218 reviews, which is great. I make money not only when I sell books through them, 70% commission, but also when people loan out one of my books as a KDP prime member. However, Amazon insist their KDP member remain exclusive to them and I’m starting to think I’m missing out.

For a start, I don't sell many books. Romance seems to sell well, but other genres struggle for some reason.

I love Amazon, but I don’t like the fact that each book can only be offered at a discount, or free, for five days every quarter, the rest of the time it has to have a normal price. This restricts my promotional abilities.

I also think that Amazon is biased towards authors from the big publishing houses. The after sales from promotions has dropped significantly in the last year or so.
Any other authors have thoughts on this subject? Are you exclusive to Amazon or free to roam the net, what’s best?

I hope we can share some viewpoints for the benefit of all.

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