Analysis of two days FREE on Amazon...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shadowland was a FREE download on Amazon for two days....

...So how did it go?

I've participated in FREE days on Amazon before and, to be honest, I didn't promote those days very well. I certainly got less than a thousand downloads for my troubles. It did lead to an upturn in sales for a week or so after and I got a bunch of nice reviews, 25 so far with a 4.3 average which I'm delighted with.

However, for this return to offering my treasured book for FREE... the book I sweated over for more than a year before letting it lose into the world, I decided that if I was going to do it, then I would go for as many downloads as I could.

I Got 8,403 downloads in two days!

Well that made me happy! Most, 7,269, were in the US with a further 1,066 being in my native UK. I'm now watching to see how and if this translates into paid sales and more reviews... I shall keep you informed.

So how did I get so many downloads? 

I sent details of the free days to several websites and blogs that I am listing below. Most require a few days or even several weeks notice so it takes a little planning but if you're after downloads it's worth it.

I found the best sites to contact are:

If you are going to offer  your work for free, then good luck and may the reviews be with you!


 After two weeks I can report that I have had 172 paid sales since the FREE days, which I am delighted with. Unfortunatly, there have, so far, only been three reviews after those two weeks which may be because people have downloaded and not got to the book yet, or that downloaders as a majority delight in free books but feel no need to leave a review (I do request people to write a review in the back of the book) or it is still early days. We shall see....


  1. Well done Chris! That's awesome - I'll have to try something like that myself. :)

  2. I will happily talk you through how to get the most downloads!

  3. Thank you so much for the kind mention for eBookSwag Christopher!

  4. Michelle, at eBookSwag, how could I make a list without you, you were the best!

  5. Great stuff Chris - all the best to you and your book :)