Review for The Orphan Stone by Rod Tyson

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Orphan Stone by Rod Tyson is pretty much hard to put down once you start the book, just don’t get past about mid way after the hours of darkness! This can be one scary book with one nasty witch come spirit that freaks out our heroin, poor old hippy Salem.

It’s a great story as Salem, her mum and some friends go to an old manor to do some restoration. Things don’t go too smoothly after the discovery of some old bones, children’s bones in a secret room. Some rather grisly murders send Salem and friends on the chase against ‘Red Meg,’ (and boy, is she red) and a few creepy locals.

I loved the 'flash back' parts of the story where we find that the manor was once an old workhouse and cooton mill. The ghosts that Salem keeps seeing are the children that were once forced to work there.

I loved this book. Rod is a great writer and storyteller I enjoyed his first book, curse of Ancient Shadows so I downloaded this, its even better! I can’t recommend this highly enough; just read it with the lights on!

Well deserved 5 *****

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