Gremlins in the words...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Like many authors I thought I had teased out all the typos, inconsistancies and wayward comas from my books, only to read with dismay that I was receiving a three star review for lack of editing! Oh my.... I hung my head in shame, I muttered dark thoughts in the general direction of past editors... I pulled my books from the public eye. But now Shadowland is back, shiny as a new pin and ready to be judged by the world once more. Thanks Kris from Final Edit and thanks (really) to the few (thankfully) who pointed out the few faults still there. I guess we only learn from our mistakes and I'm left with a far better book to offer my readers, yippee! The Flight of the Griffin is also getting a big once over and will be back soon...I hope! I miss Pardigan and the crew:(

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  1. I am looking for a pro editor to help with my stuff. Can you recommend someone?